Warm Up Exercises For Bass Players

Why Do You Need Warm-Up Exercises?

Warm-up exercises can prevent serious injury, build up your finger strength, help with coordination, and improve your overall skill and fluency on the bass guitar. 

In the book I have included a comprehensive set of technical challenges and familiar patterns that you might see in every day bass lines. Some of the exercises are drills that you can use to improve technique, but most of the exercises have musical content to help you work on playing musically as you warm up. 

All the exercises are excellent for the beginning of any practise session, or to prepare for any gig.



The book is divided into two halves with standard notation and then Tab for all exercises


The book contains the following:

  • Over 70 warm-up exercises
  • A download link for a pdf Practice Planner
  • A download link for mp3 audio recordings of all the scales and exercises


There are two ways to get the book:

  • Printed version from Amazon
  • Pdf digital download, easily printed or viewed on your computer, iPad or other devices  

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