There's no feeling in the world that compares to playing Blues freely and confidently... 

Now YOU can feel that too!

Whether you're a beginner who doesn't know where to start or a more experienced bassist looking to work on your walking lines you can learn how to overcome common challenges like getting lost in a chord progression, not knowing how to transpose, playing the same lines over and over again, and struggling to give your Blues bass lines the edge to make them sound interesting.

This course is a culmination of my lifetime's work, and whether you're 18 or 80, and whether you know one Blues riff or you can already play through a 12-bar, 'Walk The Blues' will take you from wherever you are all the way through to being able to create walking lines and Blues riffs on the spot and nail any Blues jam or gig.

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About 'Walk The Blues'...

  • It's an online course with over 25 video lessons showing you how to construct Blues bass lines using musical devices straight from the great Blues bass players.
  • You can stream 'Walk The Blues' from any device with an internet connection, so you can learn on the move or at home and never miss a lesson.
  • The course is simple and easy to use with easy-to-understand lessons and demonstrations.  You will start where you left off each time you return to the course.
  • You get lifetime access to 'Walk The Blues' with a one-off payment with NO monthly subscription fees.

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Click below to take a look inside the course...

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Is 'Walk The Blues' suitable

for you?

This course will be a perfect fit for you, if you...

  • don't know Blues progressions
  • get lost during songs
  • play the few same old bass lines
  • want to learn the Blues scales
  • are confused about turnarounds & endings 

And you'll get huge benefit from the course if your goal is to...

  • play more exciting walking lines
  • utilise the whole fretboard
  • play in any key
  • learn different styles of Blues
  • form your own Blues band 
  • play at a Blues jam night 

Here's what other bass players just like you are saying...


"Greg, many thanks for a great course! It is one of the best I have ever completed. I am beginning to sound like a real Blues bassist. Cheers."


"Not only do you show the how, but you give great insight into the why of things Greg.  You are a great instructor.  Thanks for sharing!”


"All the videos that I have seen are without a doubt first class. Everything is so easily explained and performed. Thank you."


“Thank you Greg, what a great refresher on starting to play blues. As usual a well explained and well informed video aimed at helping the beginner to understand some of the theory behind the Blues.  This video series has come at a great time for me and Greg’s pacing and time throughout is excellent as usual.”


"I'm new to the bass, I've played guitar for 45 years, including a stop for 22 years. Now I'm learning how to play the bass. From all the YouTube teachers, it's Greg's videos that I always return to. One of the best bass teachers on the web."


"Greg is a superb Bass teacher. His enthusiasm for music is infectious. He has a very calm temperament and resolves your problems whenever needed. He has introduced me to new songs which is exciting and he has a wealth of experience to draw on."

If you're here, then I already know you're passionate about improving your improvising, but what are your options to learn this stuff? 

Option #1 Give up your dream of ever being able to play great sounding Blues bass 

Cost: $0 

Let's give you the benefit of the doubt and say you wouldn’t still BE here if you wanted that, so let's move on... 

Option #2 Take your chances on YouTube 

Cost: $0 

When I last looked there were millions of bass guitar videos on YouTube. Have you really got the time to go down that rabbit hole? Especially as most of them are ineffective and irrelevant, and almost none of them have the in-depth hidden knowledge that you really need. I’m sure you know Einstein’s famous quote “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result”. 

Option #3 Get a 1-2-1 teacher 

Cost: $2,250 (30 x $75) 

You'll need to find a top pro to teach you the kind of information in 'Walk The Blues' and even then you're gambling that they're a good teacher. And you won't get ANY of those amazing bonuses or the PDF's.

Option #4 Go to music college or university like me 

Cost: $10,000 to $30,000+ (maybe a lot more now!) 

'Walk The Blues' condenses all my music further education (and more) into one course, so you'd have to do at least 2-3 years at a conservatoire to learn the material in the course. Even then, you wouldn't have EXPERIENCE of the material and it would take another 10 years of gigging to make full sense of it. 


Option #5 - Invest in yourself and buy 'Walk The Blues' 

Cost: $197 

Get instant lifetime access to the most effective, in-depth knowledge available on Blues bass playing, so you can experience the freedom of playing exciting and convincing Bass lines, and nail your first Blues gig or jam night.

"No Questions Asked" 14-Day Money Back Guarantee 

I’m super confident that you’re gonna LOVE 'Walk The Blues', but if you change your mind, for ANY reason within 14 days of purchase, just drop an email to

You’ll get a full refund, no hard feelings and no questions asked. 

There’s literally zero risk on your part. All I want is happy bass players and happy customers.