Greg's Bass Shed Video Courses

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Learn to play Blues bass video course

Blues Course

Learn how to play hard-hitting and authentic Blues bass from the greats.  Jam to the backing tracks and take your bass playing to the next level.

Blues Jam Night Survival Guide

Learn everything you need to survive your first Blues jam night.  This video course is a great add-on to the 'Walk The Blues' course above.

Reading Music

Learn how to read music on the bass guitar from the beginning.  No previous reading experience or knowledge of music theory needed to take the course.

Mini-Course: Sight Reading 

This course demonstrates all 80 exercises from my Sight Reading For Bass Players Vol 1 book.  This is useful add-on to the reading music course above.

Mini-Course: Bass Technique

 Learn what technique to use in your right and left hands, and how to set up your bass/amp to develop a great sounding bass tone.