Sight-Reading Exercises For Bass Guitar Book 1

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Can You Relate To These Statements?

  • I want to learn to read music, but don't know where to start?
  • Learning music is too hard.
  • I'm too old to start reading music!
  • I can't find good exercises to practise my sight-reading 
  • I need help with sight-reading


 This book will help you with all the issues above, and get you started with sight-reading

The 48 exercises contain musical ideas, typical of the ones you will find in real life bass lines

The exercises are aimed at beginner sight-readers with no previous experience


The sight-reading book contains the following:

  • 48 sight-reading exercises divided into six main musical themes
  • A chapter with advice and music theory to help with the exercises
  • Extra scales and exercises to help you practise all the keys required for the main exercises
  • A download link for mp3 audio recordings of all the scales and exercises

The book is a Pdf digital download, which you can easily view on your computer, iPad or other devices. 

You can also print out the book.

Extra Video Course

You also have the option to buy the video course that accompanies this book.  

This mini-video course is very useful to help you work through the book.

It contains the following:

  • Bonus video explaining the music theory needed for the book.
  • Six videos demonstrating all the scales and exercises.
  • Advice throughout the videos on possible fingering choices, keys, and how to play the exercises


Click here for more information about the video course and to look at the curriculum

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