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My Bass Beginners Guide has really taken shape recently, and I am working on the last few finishing touches.  There is a chapter in there for absolute beginners, if you need it. As you work through the eBook, you will learn about rhythm, groove, reading music, scales, arpeggios, setting up your bass and amp, tone, technique and how to practise.  There is enough in there to keep you busy for some time, but it will help you to progress quickly. 

The idea for this eBook was formed a long time ago, and I have poured over 20 years of teaching experience, and professional bass playing experience into it.  I started learning bass after reaching a high level on the piano and trumpet.  This meant that I could learn the bass to a professional level very quickly, as I had knowledge in three keys areas. 

These form the backbone of the guide: 

Music Theory 

Ability to read music 

An understanding of how to practise 

I would like you give you one of my shorter eBooks resources which can help you all, no matter what level you are at.  It is ten pages long and helps you assess your current playing ability, pick three key areas to work on, and explains how to set up a successful practise routine.  Just follow the link to download this. 

Target 3 Key Areas To Quickly Improve & Progress 

Below I will answer some key questions from the survey. 

How long is the Bass Beginners Guide? 

The guide is 120 pages long. 

How much will the eBook cost? 

The eBook will cost $19.99 (USA).  There will be a discount code for all my subscribers, available on launch day (30th April 2019).  This lasts for one week and will give you a special price of $14.99. 

If you are not on my mailing list, and have found this through my blog, then you can express an interest on the ‘products’ page of this website to receive the discount code on launch day. 

What differentiates this guide to others? 

I have made every effort to make this guide as practical as possible, by getting you playing from the beginning of the first chapter.  I also provide practical examples to illustrate how to apply the techniques in the guide. 

You also have the back-up of my YouTube Bass Beginners Series to refer to, which contains many of the same topics, presented in a more condensed way. 

Will it be printable? 

Yes, it is in PDF form, therefore printable. 

Will there be an audio companion? 

Yes, there are at least 30 tracks to accompany the guide.  These are free, and a link to them is provided in the eBook.  I think this is a better solution to embedding each track, as this way, you do not have to be online whilst using the guide. 

Will it include some online access? 

I have included links, at the end of chapters, to bonus practice material on my website.  These are in the form of appendices, which will be updated on an ongoing basis.  There are of course, my YouTube video lessons too. 

Would it be user friendly for an older beginner and easy to follow? 

Yes, the guide is extremely user friendly and being in PDF form, means you can upload it to any device or print it out. 

If there is enough interest, then I will bring out the guide as a book in the future. 


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