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— Michael Mondesir



If you are looking to improve your bass playing, and music theory, then this eBook is for you. 

As you work through the guide, you will rapidly improve in the following areas: 

Understanding rhythm, left and right hand technique, efficient practising, reading music, scales and arpeggios, getting a great bass tone 

Contains many musical examples, fretboard diagrams, audio tracks, and bonus website material.  It is in digital format, for use on your iPad, mobile, computer, or to print out.

What People are saying

"Excellent guide and resource for anyone starting out on the Bass Guitar"

Frank Lawley


What People are saying

Bass Beginners Guide by Greg Hagger

Mike Mondesir

“I first heard Greg killing it in the West End show ‘Jersey Boys,’ on bass and background vocals.  We’ve since played on many of the same shows and projects. 

Greg is a strong and versatile player and, going through this book and his video lessons, he shows himself to be a great teacher: clear and concise explanations of the fundamentals of music which will help all players from absolute beginners to more advanced self taught players who maybe didn’t go through formal training, and therefore have gaps in their knowledge."

Michael Mondesir (Billy Cobham, Jeff Beck, John McLaughlin, Pee Wee Ellis, Royal Academy of Music)