What is the best beginner bass guitar? 

There are lots of options for beginner bass guitars.  I have compiled the list below to reflect a lower price bracket of basses.  These are good options to start on before committing to buying a more expensive instrument.

  • Stirling by Music Man 
  • Sire Version 2 - M2 
  • Sire Version 2 - V3 
  • Eastcoast GP200 
  • Squire Fender Vintage Jaguar 
  • Squire Fender Affinity Jazz 
  • Squire Fender Affinity Precision 
  • Yamaha  TRBX174 
  • LA Bass Guitar - Gear4Muisc 
  • Ibanez GSR180 
  • Ibanez SR300E 
  • Dean Edge