Do I Need To Warm Up Before Playing Bass Guitar?

Warming-up on the bass guitar is important before a practice sessions or gig.  It ensures that your muscles are in good shape before a workout on the bass.

This is how to warm-up:

  1. Spent 5 minutes stretching your neck, shoulder, arms and hands 
  2. Start slowly using right hand plucking exercises 
  3. Then move onto chromatic exercises that focus on left hand dexterity 
  4. After that use warm up exercises that focus on particular technical challenges that you will be using in your practice session or gig. 
  5. Start exercises slowly, then gradually increase the tempo as you get more warmed-up. 

If you want exercises to help you warm-up then check out ‘Warm Up Exercises For Bass Players’.  This book has over 70 exercises, free audio examples and a Pdf Practice Planner.