24th July 2020

Fretboard Knowledge

This article is about how to increase your fretboard knowledge

Fretboard Knowledge

Fretboard knowledge is the cornerstone for bass playing.  To be able to successfully create and play interesting, and innovative bass lines, you have to know the fretboard well. 

It is usual to favour certain areas of the fretboard.  A lot of beginner to intermediate bass players know the first five frets on the A and E string very well.  They might then explore other areas, like around the 12th frets for example.  But not many players know the whole fretboard really well.

If someone gave you this lick, would you know two other places to play it on the fretboard?


Greg Hagger Tele Bass Guitar Build Wudtone Photo
Notation for a bass guitar lick
Tab for bass guitar lick

Would you also know how to play it an octave (8 notes) higher?

If the answer is yes, then you are doing pretty well.   If the answer is no, then don’t worry as I will show you how below and also give you some exercises and concepts to help work on your fretboard knowledge.



notation for bass guitar lick
TAB for bass guitar lick
notation for bass guitar lick