18th September 2020

5 Shuffle Blues Riffs

In this article, I am going to show you 5 Blues Riffs which you can use under any Shuffle Blues

Fretboard Knowledge

 The shuffle Blues has a particular feel to it, and uses groups of three notes to each beat.  If you listen to shuffle drum beats, you will notice that the 1st and 3rd notes in the groups of three are emphasised. As bass players, we can use shuffle quavers (eighth notes) to lock in with this shuffle beat.

The 5 riffs are all based on the Minor Pentatonic Scale or the Blues Scale. 


SVR bass cover tommy shannon
minor pentatonic scale and blues scale for bass guitar

When you are playing the quavers (eighth notes), make sure that you play them with a shuffle feel.  Not straight.   

5 shuffle blues riffs for bass guitar
5 shuffle blues riffs for bass guitar with TAB

I have written them in the key of E, but you can transpose them into any key.  You can also transpose them and use them to play a whole 12-Bar Blues.   

For example in E, the most basic 12-bar pattern is:   

E7 for 4 bars   

A7 for 2 bars   

E7  for 2 bars   

B7 for 1 bar   

A7 for 1 bar   

E7 for 2 bars   

The first riff transposed into A7 & B7 looks likes this: