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Learn To Read Music Video Course


Start learning to read music today with my new course:

 'Learn To Read Music For Bass Players' Video Course 

Sight Reading Video Course

This video course contains 80 sight-reading exercises from my Sight Reading For Bass Players Vol 1 book.  You also get bonus music theory information, including help understanding and practising the different keys in the exercises.

You get to see me play all 80 exercises, alongside tips and advice to help you work through the exercises.

This course and the book are aimed at bass players who have never tried sight-reading before, and are wanting to get their reading skills together.

Develop A Great Bass Tone Video Course

Want to be able to play the bass with a great tone and get rid of all that extra fret and string noise?  You need to first work on your string muting and ensure you are playing with a sound technique.

I have developed this short mini-course to get your started with the basics of what you need to achieve this.

You will also find out how to set your bass and amp up.

This course is perfect for beginner to intermediate bass players looking to work on their sound.





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