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What The Community are saying

                 "Make Greg's Bass Shed your number one bass guitar resource."

"I'm a former drummer who's recently taken up Bass.  I found Greg's site on YouTube and have never looked back.  His lessons are easy to understand and no nonsense, just professional solid advice and tuition.

I downloaded his Bass Beginners Guide and this has boosted my progress immensely.  He always answers your questions if you are stuck with any theory or practical problems. 

My number one bass tutor. "        Frank Lawley, UK


"My technique improved after watching the videos, and I can now play many styles more easily."

Rogerio Freitas, Brazil

What The Community are saying

"I have been learning bass guitar for a few months and during this time have searched extensively for good online tutorials.  Only recently found Greg's Bass Shed, and almost instantly, I could see the enormous teaching resource offered. 

Greg is a great supportive instructor, providing down to earth lessons, with clear detailed concise explanations throughout.

So pleased to have found this amazing site and teacher!"

John Valbonesi, UK



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